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    If you want to import the hair color from Korea, please contact to us at any time.




    Rich color

    The coloring effect is outstanding and widely expressed due to the alkaline hair color that carries out bleaching and dyeing at the same time. In addition, rich color can be put on bleached or damaged hair.

    Various color mixing

    As the product is exclusively used for hair salons where various colors can be mixed, consumers can directly pick, mix and use their favorite color.


    During color mixing or dyeing, it would be difficult to express the colors in the required level unless the hair light is considered when

    calculating the brightness (level). Therefore it is necessary to add up the color numbers, divide them into two, and accurately calculate the brightness to express the wanted color.

    Minimize hair damage By using various vegetable proteins, the hair damage will be minimized even after dyeing and the lost properties from the hair will be filled up.



    YSM Marketing Consulting Co. / Korea Cosmetics Business Commnunity Association

    #608, Baeksang Bldg 1st, Digital Road 9, Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul 153-713 Korea

    Tel : +82 2 815 2355 / 814 2353 Mobile : +82 10 5577 2355

    Website : http://www.job.biz

    Association : http://www.kcbca.or.kr

    Email : marketer@jm.co.kr

    Yoon, Soo-man / Marketing Director

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    Export Item
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