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    Water Proof Type Foam : DKH-T130, DKH-T131



    Water proof sealing sponges, DKH-T130 and DKH-T131, are manufactured from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Co-Polymer) that is processed with the special foaming processing. They are excellent in water-. chemical-, ozone-, weather-resistance. With their superiority of restitution (restoration rate), they are suitable fro elastic couplings of civil engineering and constructional work.

    ■ Product Characteristic

    DKH-T130 (DKH-T131)a new water proof sealant is a product that the impermeable Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Co-Polymer is formed by a special processing method. With its superior water proof, it is available to be used for a new sealant of all structures needed to be water proofed, and with its excellent mechanical characteristic, it can be applied semi-permanent for the structures that require anti-vibration against severe quaking, warping, variable sinkin, and earthquake, etc.
    Also its excellent anti-chemical characteristic gives great resistance to compound of calcium chloride and hydrocarbon, and its anti-ozone and resistance characteristic against exposure to ultraviolet rays, it secures semipermanent durability in the outer-exposing work. The inner structure of the product is made densed hexagonal closed air cells. It has a low permanent deformation rate and the superb restitution(restoration rate).

    The product is excellent in durability and water proof, suitable for not only a new general sealing material, but also places where pressing load and shock are great and abrasion and deformation are severe, and for the special use where damage is expected from chemicals and exposure to ultraviolet rays

    ■ Product Characteristic Value



    ■ A case applied for general and express train


    ■ Use of product
    - Joint and lower sealant of railway structure
    - Finger joint of bridges for general and express trains
    - Sealant for warious buildings
    - Inner water proof wall of tunnel, harbor and subway
    - Water wall joint of dam, reservoir, drainage, water tank, waste disposal
    - Anti-earthquake joint of nuclear power plant, runway, parking lot, etc
    - Press control joint and gasket for other structures



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