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    Anti Vibration Mat : DVM-3Foam

    DVM-3Foam is a product that is a three-layered compound of polyethylene foam, polyurethane foam, and EVA form which has supperior effects of absorbing vibration from outer shock, cutting off and absorbing sound

    ■ Characteristic per Structual Material
    One-layered polyethylene foam is indepedently structured with closed air cell of a high foam, with low heat transmission. Dewing is not caused in the cells which leads to warm keeping excellently, and there is no cut off heating effect in process of time, made of none-absorbent material. Especially, the buffering and the decreasing effect against noise and vibration is great. It is also excellent in waterproof, weatherproof, chemicalproof and processing effect.
    Two-layered polyurethane foam is net-structured of continuous cells, and light-weighed, ad excellent in properties of cushion, heat resistance, heat insulation, chemical resistance, and weather resistance etc. It is superior in shock and sound absorption, and sound insulation with great elongation and anti-friction.
    Three-layered EVA foam, as he polyethylene foam, independently structured with closed air cell of a high foam, the fine closed air cells which cut off effectively noise and vibration.
    The overall atatic and movable load disperses and transmits evenly through it all, and the elasticity lasts for a long time from its special quality.

    ■ Characteristic of Product
    DVM-3 Foam is manufactured to exert effectively the special quality per structual materials.
    With PE Foam and EVA Foam structured in the upper and lower side, it is all available to install for drying and wet condition, and the closed air cells of PE Foam and EVA Foam reduce noise and vibration, and the wave length of noise and vibration, and the open cells of PU foam absorb noise and wave length.
    It is designed as multple-compounded of the different structures of PE Foam, PU foam, EVA Foam, for the application of physical quality of decreasing maximally when shocking vibration wave or sound wave passes the different medium. Its shock and soud-absorption and sound cut off superior.

    * Specificatio of product



    ■ Use
    - Material for preventing vibration of constructional structure
    - Reducing material for inter-floor of apartments
    - Preventing material for vibration & noise of machine room, boiler room, and generation room in factory
    - Preventing material for the mat of indoor sports ceter(bowling, airobics, gymnasium etc)
    - Other material for preventing shock an noise

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