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    Synthetic Resin Product - Conductive EVA Foam : DK-ES

    Our conductive EVA Foam is made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Co-Polymer, cross-linked and foamed by a chemical method. The extent of itsm electrical resistance can be selected. With the excellent foaming characteristic and weather resistance, it is a suitable item for cushioning and wrapping material.

    ■ Product Characteristic
    EVA Foam, as a foamed product of independently closed air cells, can so absorb and cut off effectively noise and vibration by these inner minuscule cells, that it is widely applied for buffer, reducing agents of noise and vibration by these inner minuscule cells, that it is widely applied for buffer, reducing agents of noise and vibration, and footwear. And it excellent characteristic of processing and handling also enables it to be used for vatied toys, and medical, sports, and leisure goods.
    The conducticve EVA Foam is a product that is added wth the-water-chemical, and shock-absorbent...) of it, which is cut for wrapping & buffering materials that should be protected from the static electricity, and can be usable to the componets of static electricity-preventing facility.

    ● Specifications of typical product

    ※ The above i the typical specifications of our products, and any products with varied specifications are availabl to be manufactured

    ■ Use
    - Wrapping materials for transporting & casing electrical products.
    - Various wrappings for electronic & electrical components.
    - Components for facilities of protecting various static electricity.
    - Cushioning material for protecting outer shock.

    ■ Companies needed for Conductive EVA Foam
    - Manufactures electronic products.
    - Manufactures computer & peripherals.
    - Manufactures semi-conductor & wrapping components.
    - Needs the protection of static electricity.

    [Contact us]

    Contact Person : Yoon, Soo Man / Marketing Director

    Tel : +82 2 815 2355

    Mobile : +82 10 5577 2355

    Email : marketer@jm.co.kr

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